The Telescreens at Mercury Lounge

The Telescreens Tickets

Mercury Lounge | New York City, New York

Let's make some MAGIC HISTORY this Friday at The Telescreens at Mercury Lounge! This genre-defying ART ROCK duo will make us all feel the lights – and the music – as we GATHER in the intimate setting of the Mercury Lounge.

This highly-anticipated UNITED event will be as EMPOWERING as it is NOURISHING, with a carefully crafted performance boasting deep texture and complex layers of sound.

The Telescreens will dive into their unique sonic landscape, and we have the privilege of being front-row to their freshest tunes mixed with captivating songs from their EP, GIGA.

Plus, they guarantee a stupendous live show, WITH an unbeatable atmosphere where we can all feel FREE to dance and explore.

It's gonna be ULTRA VIBRANT, positive energy overflowing, and unforgettable FUN; so put on your dancing shoes and LET THE MUSIC TAKE YOU AWAY!

The Telescreens at Mercury Lounge

I'm SHAKING with excitement, 'cause you know what time it is? It's THE TELESCREENS at MERCURY LOUNGE on Friday 9th June 2023! New York, New York, here we come!

It's already gonna be an EPIC night, 'cause THE TELESCREENS will be serving their signature indie rock beats with just the right mix of indie electro-pop vibes, and you KNOW everybody'll be in the zone! Everybody's HEART is already thumping and the NIGHT can't come soon enough!

I've been to almost all their live shows, and they've never once disappointed. In fact, they consistently bring the fire to every performance! Their live shows have this uNFORGETTABLE energy that just makes you want to JUMP around and dance! They've also been the RECIPIENT of several prestigious awards, so you know you're in for a real treat!

And Mercury Lounge is just the perfect venue. This place oozes character and has such a unique atmosphere. You can hardly feel the time slipping away and, with the right vibe, the night will never end. With multiple floors, bars, and performances, it's the perfect place to LOSE yourself in the music.

don't MISS the event of the YEAR – Friday 9th June 2023 at Mercury Lounge will make for an unforgettable experience. THIS is how you want to SPEND your Friday night! So, don't hesitate, Get Your Tickets Now for an EPIC night out you'll never forget!

The Telescreens at Mercury Lounge

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