Stoop Kids at Mercury Lounge

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Mercury Lounge - NY | New York, New York

Stoop Kids

If you haven’t heard the news, then we hope you’re sitting down. Because Stoop Kids, one of pop music’s biggest rising stars will be coming to the iconic Mercury Lounge in New York, New York on Saturday 28th October 2023. This one-night-only performance brings one of the hottest entertainers to put on what fans and critics believe will be the leading show of 2023. You will fall in love with their raw talent, undeniable passion, and limitless energy as they make you jump out of your seats to cheer and clap. Order your tickets fast by clicking the Buy Tickets button below.

The unbelievable Stoop Kids will be on tour for fall, 2023....This act is so huge right now, if you look on social media, see what your friends are talking about or anywhere you turn your head, Stoop Kids is shockingly popular, we cannot get those sick tunes from our minds...they're just so catchy! This will be a Saturday you WILL NOT forget, October will be the greatest month of the year! Tickets are now on sale for the outstanding Mercury Lounge, of New York, New York, for Saturday 28th October 2023. Mercury Lounge is held in high regard and plays so many mainstream pop shows so Stoop Kids is going to be in the ideal setting PLUS there are endless amenities, it's going to be a relaxed evening for pop lovers! Tickets are are running low already due to huge demand, so we strongly advise getting yours as quick as you can, simply follow the 'get tickets' icon TODAY! Stoop Kids is is there for you to enjoy!

Stoop Kids at Mercury Lounge - NY

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