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Mercury Lounge - NY | New York, New York


New York!! You better be ready for this because the largest and wildest dance music concert is coming to your city! Yes, techno heads, you got that right. PRAANA is coming to town, bringing to you the craziest event this winter! Lose yourself in the trance and move your bodies to the rhythm. Go as fast as you can because this event only happens now or never! Coming straight to you in New York, New York is none other than PRAANA.

Be ready for a night of never-ending music and thrills as PRAANA performs live at the Mercury Lounge on Friday 23rd February 2024! This will be an unforgettable show so pack your bags, fill up your water bottles, and PRAANA will see you at the show! Lose yourselves in the music at this event!

Ticket sales are up right now. Hurry up and purchase yours before they sell out!

On Friday 23rd February 2024 New York will become a must-stop spot for techno music lovers from all around the country. PRAANA will be coming to town to blow the minds of the fans as part of their tour, and have surely picked the greatest location for this. The most premier venue for electronic parties in the state - Mercury Lounge, once again will prove its furious reputation. It will deliver an A-class night of entertainment for its guests and will make them talk about it for years. The hosts ensure an A-Z list of great offerings to make the night remarkable from the first till the very last moment. Convenient parking lots nearby the front door, pleasant staff, loud sound system delivering the beats directly to your bloodstream, full list of refreshments to keep you going all night, and endless options for after-party drinks or meals in the bars and restaurants nearby. Still hesitating? Just hit the Buy Ticket button and let Mercury Lounge take care of the rest.

PRAANA at Mercury Lounge - NY

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