Mal Amante – A Rosalia Tribute at Mercury Lounge

Mal Amante - A Rosalia Tribute Tickets

Mercury Lounge | New York City, New York

Something rather remarkable will take place at Mercury Lounge on Saturday 25th March 2023. Could you figure it out? Of course, you can! That's why you’re visiting this page. It will be the Mal Amante – A Rosalia Tribute. The crew at Mercury Lounge have been working around the clock to ensure that everything goes as planned, including the facilities, light show, and sound. Because everyone else has come here with the same aim of attending the show, there are very few tickets left. The little that are remaining, are selling out very fast, so buy them while they're still available. Don’t let someone else beat you to it!

Mal Amante - A Rosalia Tribute at Mercury Lounge

Sometimes you just need a breather, we know what it is like, we’ve been there too and that’s why you need to attend Mal Amante – A Rosalia Tribute on Saturday 25th March 2023. It is gonna be so magnificent and will give you that well deserved rest to recharge. One of the best things about this gig is that you get to party with like-minded people just like you, but on top of all that, you’re going to experience the performance of a lifetime. The Mercury Lounge in New York, New York has some of the best services ever and the sound and lighting engineers have done an astonishing job getting everything ready so you really do not have to worry about anything. Now add all of that up, and what do you get? Something honestly awe-inspiring. Unfortunately like all good things you’re going to have two main issues, one, you’re not going to want to go home and two, it will be extremely difficult to get tickets if you dither, yes they have been selling that fast but fortunately for you, we have to have some ticket right here. So be sure to grab yours before someone else gets to it before you.

Mal Amante - A Rosalia Tribute at Mercury Lounge

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