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Mercury Lounge - NY | New York, New York

Dinho Dinho

Your a HUGE Dinho Dinho fan right? Well be in the know... tickets for the outstanding 2023 tour are on sale, NOW! Monday 25th September 2023 at the spectacular Mercury Lounge for the favorite night you'll have this fall! Its a massive deal, you know just about everybody has been going crazy in anticipation, so nows your chance to see Dinho Dinho live and in the flesh! what a huge month September is going to be! Bring your pals because this is going to be a night to remember, you'll be singing & dancing you way home! Click 'get tickets' now to book yours!

This coming fall, today's hottest pop icon is singing LIVE at the Mercury Lounge on Monday 25th September 2023 for the Dinho Dinho show! Watch this musical force of nature release a blast wave of pop tunes in an event you'll remember for the rest of time.

Many years after the star's debut, the critically acclaimed singer takes to the road for a state-spanning tour this 2023, with stops in different North American cities, including one in New York, New York. The Mercury Lounge, as the acting venue, will offer first-rate resources, which include a superlative stage and perfectly balanced acoustics that will highlight even the subtlest of notes from the pop star's dynamic vocal range.

Showcasing the hottest pop anthems, this gig will include the entire shebang, from fledgling classics to time-honored hits. Our featured singer is popularly known for unquestionably catchy lyrics and upbeat melodies that no one can ever resist singing along to. Their vocals–silky and springy at the same time–coax heads to bob along with the rhythm without fail.

Dinho Dinho will also double as a stylishly choreographed presentation with lighting displays forming a luminous backdrop. Through a series of elaborate dance numbers, each performer on the stage will infect you with overwhelming party energy. Make sure you bring someone to dance with (or make a new friend at the event!), as this once-in-a-blue-moon concert urges you to swing your limbs to each reverberating beat.

Come join the party at the Mercury Lounge, New York on Monday 25th September 2023! Hurry up and book your tickets ASAP to see THE pop concert of the year: Dinho Dinho LIVE!

Dinho Dinho at Mercury Lounge - NY

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