ALEXSUCKS at Mercury Lounge


Mercury Lounge | New York City, New York

Are you going to be anywhere close to New York, New York on Friday 18th August 2023? If not, then maybe you should think about booking the week off, because ALEXSUCKS is finally returning to the iconic Mercury Lounge for what fans are saying will be the greatest show of alternative music in all of 2023! This group has been performing up and down the country putting on some of the best nights to their fans! All of New York are eagerly awaiting the release of tickets, but you could get yours today by booking your tickets here today! Order your tickets now by clicking the Buy Tickets button below!

If you love alternative music, you are definitely about to be in your comfort zone. This is a location that has a history like no other when it comes to the alternative music scene. New York will host the upcoming ALEXSUCKS at Mercury Lounge. True fans that appreciate excellent music will be in attendance, and we believe that’s you! A huge crowd will come to watch the celebrated entertainers do their magic. Alternative music sounds spectacular on quality surround sound like the one at ALEXSUCKS. With amenities like these, you owe it to yourself to be in attendance and among thousands of other like-minded fans. Buy your ticket today by clicking on the ‘get tickets’ button.

ALEXSUCKS at Mercury Lounge

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