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Mercury Lounge - NY | New York, New York

St. Lundi

Y’all ready for what’s on its way to the Mercury Lounge in New York New York? It promises to be an outstanding evening packed with dancing and singing your heart out to some of the finest songs from St. Lundi. Correct, that's for sure! St. Lundi is going to be in the Mercury Lounge in New York New York on Friday 9th August 2024.

St. Lundi are known for putting through some of the very best country parties. They’ll get you moving on that night while you sing along to their chart topping songs. Furthermore, you have to bring a friend to the party floor for the evening as well. Otherwise, you could be losing out on a piece of the experience. Well, your friend could also be a yummy cold bottle of beer on the night; why not?!

The Mercury Lounge was built for these kinds of events. Each and every seat in the house is well padded out and gives you a great view of the performance. If you want to make certain you get a chance to be here that night, click the Get Tickets button immediately!

The much-anticipated country music spectacle of adored country/folk sensation St. Lundi is coming right to you! Be there at the Mercury Lounge, at New York, on a Friday, in this upcoming Friday 9th August 2024. Show up in this historic occasion as St. Lundi is embarking on a musical journey, performing in different locations throughout North America.

Let us embark on this occasion and be amused by the bluegrass performances that St. Lundi will present to the audiences. With a music career stretching over decades of entertaining and song crafting in the music scene, they are one of the finest esteemed and adored performers there is. Our main act’s harmony, conviction in their songs, and the vitality in their sound enchanted us over and captivated admirers on a worldwide level.

St. Lundi will make sure that the melodies will make it through your being as the melodic rodeo melodies are breening with lively and authentic lines to which the crowd will connect. Known for their zesty voice and top-notch live performances, you will surely crave more performances. With numerous accolades under their belt, St. Lundi is a notable artist in the music industry. Be all ears to non-stop country music medley that will ascend to your ears.

Now is the moment to fetch your favorite rodeo hats and americana guitars as St. Lundi is performing their American melodies that everyone admires. Get captivated by the beautiful melodies and voices that is set to be sung for the performance. Don't hold your horses because this performance is something worth the hype.

For this magnificent concert, our phenomenal main act deserve only the finest! And no other venue is fitting but the magnificent Mercury Lounge. The venue has high-quality lighting and remarkable concert components that assure an opulent experience for all supporters in attendance.

This night is an experience you’ll under in any circumstances want to miss out on. We can't wait for you to be there. Grab your tickets immediately!

St. Lundi at Mercury Lounge - NY

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