Johnny Burgos and The Butter at Mercury Lounge

Johnny Burgos and The Butter Tickets

Mercury Lounge | New York City, New York

One event to put on your list for spring, 2022 is the legendary Johnny Burgos and The Butter! A tour has been added and it looks like this is going to be huge! The pop/rock performance in April will be hosted by one of the finest stadiums around, the impressive, Mercury Lounge, New York City, New York. Guests adore the the surroundings, as well as being in the thick of things. Now its time to, scribe Monday 18th April 2022 into the calendar and grab your tickets, with ease click the 'get tickets' button on this page!

Act fast! Johnny Burgos and The Butter your favourite pop/rock act is touring again for spring, 2022, and it's a huge deal! Fanatics are waiting for that incredible on stage energy, that feeling of bliss, those well written songs and the outstanding music, it'll be something to remember for years to come. On this tour Johnny Burgos and The Butter will be heading to the unbelievable and legendary Mercury Lounge in New York, New York City on Monday 18th April 2022. Mercury Lounge is renowned for its stunning surroundings, excellent food options and simple and abundant parking, its a great place for a huge show like this, your evening will be that little bit easier to cater for! Pop/rock concerts are sought after events, absolutely with huge acts like Johnny Burgos and The Butter, the evening in April is going to sell out fast, so secure your entry asap, you can buy direct from this page, its easily done, just press the 'get tickets' button above! But hurry, they'll be gone soon!

Johnny Burgos and The Butter at Mercury Lounge

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