Ghxstar at Mercury Lounge

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Mercury Lounge - NY | New York, New York


If you've been yearning for a splash of unpredictability in your existence, we've got the ULTIMATE presentation for you! The eager fans have expressed their desire, and the most in-demand rap/hip-hop artist is ready to answer their wishes… Ghxstar is making their way to your town to bestow upon you a long-anticipated live showcase! Your preferred lyricist has pinned down the day and there's definitely no retreating at this juncture. Come Ghxstar as they step onto the platform at the Mercury Lounge in vibrant New York, New York and deliver the finest hip-hop spectacle you are ever going to experience! The grand presentation shall begin on Sunday 26th November 2023. This affords you ample duration to get hyped and get ready for this unrestrained night!

As the arrival of fall is around the corner, you are given the chance of a lifetime to witness a on-stage performance by Ghxstar. Get ready to watch, in astonishment, as Ghxstar unveils a live show that's never been seen before.

The opportunity to grab entry is waiting right here by selecting 'get tickets.' It's your chance to stand out - don't waste time and purchase yours before they're gone for the show! Ghxstar eagerly anticipates meeting you soon!

Going to a rap concert is probably one of the leading things you can do with your time if you're a big rap music fan and hearing that Ghxstar is coming to the stage for fall, 2023 is an even more exciting concept! Did you have any idea on Sunday 26th November 2023, is the night Ghxstar IS IN TOWN! Book that date off work, its not every day you get the chance to see the coolest rap act on the music scene in your home town! November is going to be BIG, audiences in the rap game are predicting the most successful Ghxstar tour yet this November. Luckily playing at the breathtaking Mercury Lounge IN New York, New York reviews are always outstanding, so you're already in safe hands for a great night! If you want to then nows your chance, then simply click the 'get tickets' link on this page otherwise they'll be sold out!

Ghxstar at Mercury Lounge - NY

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