Drook at Mercury Lounge

Drook Tickets

Mercury Lounge | New York City, New York

We are SO absorbed about the most spectacular info to come out of the pop world at the moment…it's the favorite thing we've heard all year, so if you don't already know Drook has tickets on general release for the summer, 2022 tour! Pop lovers are already hyping this up so much because tickets are in limited supply for this Sunday evening of pop anthems this June, so naturally fans are snapping them up! If you need a set of tickets for the big show down at Mercury Lounge, New York, New York City for Sunday 19th June 2022 look no further, your search is over…can you see the small 'GET TICKETS' icon on this page? Well, click it right away to secure some this instant!

Pop is so diverse and the market has an abundance of incredible talent, but tell us your thoughts on the astounding Drook? Pretty special right? Probably one of the favorite pop acts on the scene! Well did you know….Drook is doing a huge tour for summer, 2022 and this one looks more sensational than ever…..you know all the tracks, so what about being in that packed stadium with so many like minded fans with some of the best energy you could ever explain for an experience you'll be silly to miss? Drook is going to be hosted by Mercury Lounge, New York, New York City on Sunday 19th June 2022. Those who have been lucky enough to visit Mercury Lounge, New York, New York City agree its more than capable to host a massive evening of pop like Drook, it couldn't be more ideal. We are certain that supplies will dwindle in the coming days so try not to hang around..today is the moment to secure some! ALL DATES AVAILABLE NOW, simply find the 'GET TICKETS' icon to bag some!

Drook at Mercury Lounge

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